Strand Bands Designer Set
Item 11500

The Strand Bands Designer Set includes everything needed to design and create fashion-inspired accessories! Each Designer kit comes with several coordinating beads and charms, over 180 feet of peel-apart Strand Bands, and the amazing Strand Styler that features an open center for easy weaving, slits on the bottom to tightly hold bands in place, and can be used on a lap or table top. Available in three collections: Purple, Pink and Teal.

Simple Braid


Strand Bands Bracelet Kit
Item 11505

Strand Bands Bracelet Kits are the perfect addition to any Strand Bands collection! Each Bracelet Kit includes 144 feet of irresistible, peel-apart Strand Bands, and well as an assortment of beautiful beads and charms to create tons of one-of-a-kind fashion accessories. Available in three styles: Techo Brights, Vintage Fashion and City Chic.

Simple Braid


Strand Bands Multi Band Pack
Item 11510

Strand Bands Multi-Band Packs can expand any Strand Bands creation with an additional 48 feet of irresistible, peel-apart Strands Bands! Available in three styles: "Berry Bliss", "Tutti Fruitti" and "Cute As A Button".

Simple Braid

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