FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there notches on the Strand Styler?

The notches are there to hold the Strand Bands in place and make your braiding and weaving easier.

Why is there a suction cup on the back of the Strand Styler?

The suction cup helps secure and hold the styler firmly in place when using it on a tabletop.

What can I do with my left over strands?

Smaller, left over pieces are great for making rings and tassels, please visit our tutorials for ideas and inspirations.

How long should I make the length of my strands for the cobra stitch?

We recommend 18” length for the inner strand and 48” for the outer strand. If you do not have a ruler you can wrap the strands around your wrist 3 times for the inner strands and 8 times for the outer strands.

Why is the inner stand length shorter than the outer strands?

The inner strands go into the center of the style for the cobra and will always remain that length. The outer strands need to be longer because they are used for weaving.

Why is my braid or weave not even?

Be sure to always pull your braid or weave consistently through out the entire process.

Why is my cobra stitch looking more like knots?

Be careful not to pull too tightly, this can make the weave look like a knot.

How long should I make the strands for a Zippy bracelet?

We recommend the inner strands be 18 inches and the outer strand 48 inches.

When I make the Zippy stitch my strands are coming apart?

We recommend using your index finger underneath the stitch to help guide and keep the strands in place.

How long should my strands be for the simple braid?

We recommend 18 inches in length.

How many colors should I pick for the simple braid

You can be creative when choosing colors depending on how colorful you want your creation. Fir vest results we recommend you group your sections evenly into 3 sections.

When making a simple braid how do I make the braid look neat?

We recommend when braiding that you use your index fingers underneath the braid to help guide the braid and keep it consistent.

How do I make the Chinese staircase braid?

Follow the instructions for the cobra stitch but instead of switching off sides only use one side to make the stitch.

How do I make a knot with a loop?

Fold your strands evenly in half. Grab the top portion and make a knot but be sure to leave a ½” at the top for the loop.

How long should I make my fringe on the end of the bracelet?

This is a personal preference. We recommend starting out a little longer so you can always go shorter.

I am having trouble getting more than one the strand through my bead.

If you are have trouble pulling more than one strand through a bead take the strand that is already in the bead and pull both ends tightly helping creating a wider opening for the 2nd strand.


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